Autumn: A time to let go. 

Do you know the feeling, restlessness? Having time, wanting to do something, to create something, but there just seems to be a blockage? It just doesn't want to happen? 

During Autumn, the motto is 'let go, relax, save resources'. 

The trees release a hormone which produces 'scissor cells' which bit by bit release the leaves from the trees, enabling the tree to save resources and 'go inside' for the cold period. 

Due to the fact that we are a part of nature, not apart from nature, our bodies and spirits will be feeling this same pull. To let go, relax and save resources. 

So, if things won't go the way we want, we can recognise this and go with the things as they are. 

Let go. Go with the flow instead of trying to change the flow. 

Let the wind blow and the leaves fall. It's Autumn: a time to let go.